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Please Note: Same Oil just sold in different color 10ml glass bottles.

The price for the oil is per 10ml bottle each. One bottle may last for 4-6weeks depending on the need.


Signature Essential Oils

Our Signature Essential Oils is a unique blend to assist balance for mood and relaxing the muscles. Inside our 10ml lovely glass bottles is a soothing blend of lemongrass, lavender, frankincense, wild orange, peppermint, and grapeseed oil as a carrier oil.   

                                          How to use 

1. Mood balance 

Rub oil in the palm of your hand and cup your hands together. Place hands over your nose and mouth and inhale through nose. Next  remove your hands from your face when  exhaling from mouth. Then repeat 4 more times. Always start your breaths softly then take deeper breaths as you go. Last, rub your hands together fast to get them warm and place hands around your neck and ears. 

2. Muscle Relaxer

Rub oils on the bottom of your feet and in area of discomfort on body. (Back, knees, shoulders, and ect)

Note: Always keep oils away from eyes and only use our Signature oils topically. 

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